Valentine Assortment Now Available!

Mini Valentines 153This Valentine’s Day show your love with a box of one dozen assorted mini heart-shaped sweets.

Completely fresh, hand-made, and absolutely scrumptious – this gift box of cookies and brownies is sure to delight anyone you care about.

At 2.5″ inches, these cookies are adorable, easy to share, and simply a delightful 2-5 bites depending on how disciplined you are!

This limited edition assortment includes:
3 – Chocolate Cookies with buttercream Frosting and 3 red frosting hearts
3 – Conversation Hearts – red sugar cookies with buttercream frosting
3 – Best-selling Sugar Cookies with buttercream frosting and red hearts
3 – Made-from-scratch Brownies with buttercream frosting

Made with only fresh ingredients and lots of love, Sweet on Hearts bakes from scratch (no boxes, mixes, or preservatives) when each order is placed. And our frosting remains soft until the moment you bite into it. We use only buttercream frosting (not royal icing which dries hard and crunchy).

All treats arrive individually wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness. Each white box arrives ready for giving lined with red and white heart tissue paper and stuffed with white shredded paper to protect these fragile items. We are happy to also include a personal note.

Available for shipping or pick up Feb 12-14 only.

Last day to order is Friday, Feb 7.

Visit the Etsy shop for more information and to view other available treats!

Hearts Remind Me Of Love

2288-UrquhartCastle6-29-08It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I REALLY LOVE the 6 weeks between Christmas and Valentine’s Day! Hearts, hearts Everywhere! Are you feeling the love?

Whenever I see a heart – and I see them EVERYWHERE, in the simplest things – it’s like a reminder to me that God loves me. I hope it can be the same for you. Whether you believe in God or not isn’t the point. I just want you to be reminded (often!) that someone in the Universe loves you. I certainly love you!

Drew Barrymore apparently is in love with hearts almost as much as me and recently came out with a book of photos  she’s taken over the years of hearts in nature or other random places. The book is titled #finditineverything

The photo posted here is a picture I took of the clouds above Urquhart Castle in Scotland when I was there in 2008. Coincidence? nah…

Have you noticed any hearts lately that might be a personal message of love to you?

Holidays are Here!

Winter Roses

I’m happy to announce that the Sweet on Hearts Holiday Shop is now open! I’ve added 8 new items for the season with something to (hopefully!) please everyone.

We’ve updated our best selling sugar cookie rose into a “Winter Rose” with a red sugar cookie base and loads of delicious vanilla scented buttercream frosting on top!

And the beloved gingerbread hearts with buttercream frosting are back!Gingerbread Hearts

To add some sparkle to the mix, we’re offering sugar cookie snowflakes covered in edible glitter!

And for those looking for something truly unique, we’ve got red and white marbled sugar cookie hearts.

Spread some goodwill with winter conversation hearts! Peace. Love. Joy. Merry. Cheer. Bright.

And for perfectly proportioned desserts this holiday, we’re offering red velvet cake pops dipped in white chocolate and adorned with red hearts, red sprinkles, and red jimmies. Who can resist a cake pop?!

Star of David Sugar CookieAnd don’t forgot Hannuakah – which is early this year, starting next Wed, Nov 27! I’ve created a really special Star of David sugar cookie with pale blue buttercream frosting to help celebrate the Festival of Lights.

 I’ve had so much fun getting ready and I can’t wait to begin baking for you! 

Sweet on Hearts also does custom orders, so if there is something you would like but don’t see it offered just reach out to us and we’ll do our best to make your baking dreams come true.

honorable grateful heartI love, Love, LOVE Thanksgiving and all the family gathering, yummy food, and grateful lists that come with it! It’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy comfort food, take naps, and spend time with family without the (sometimes chaos!) of gift giving. Instead of wrapped presents, we give each other our hearts in the form of sharing what we’re grateful for.

This year I’m especially grateful for family and friends that support my dreams and the freedom to do what I love!  What about you??

Enjoy this free printable from the Stay-at-home-Artist

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Coffins & Skeletons for Halloween!

Skeletons 2013 016Trick or Treat
Fresh is neat
Give me homemade sweets to eat!

This Halloween, pass out fresh, homemade chocolate sugar cookies to the special ghouls and goblins in your life.


Sweet on Hearts is offering 2 adorable styles to choose from –
Large 5 1/2″ skeleton bodies with edible red hearts
or 3 1/2″ coffins with skeleton bones and a red heart inside

Each $15 gift box includes 4 large skeletons OR 8 small coffins.

Order these limited edition cookies by Wed, Oct 23 for delivery on Oct 30.

Skeletons 2013 039Each hand-rolled and cut chocolate sugar cookie is tender, soft, and very chocolaty. Each set of skeleton bones is hand-piped with Sweet on Hearts signature buttercream frosting so it will be a soft  treat to eat (not a crispy trick like some decorated cookies!)

Check out the Etsy shop for additional pictures and more information!

Summer Lovin’


Oh so many reasons to HEART summer!
1. Sunny mornings
2. Watermelon!
3. Bike rides
4. The smell of sunscreen
5. Hammocks
6. Roller skating
7. Beautiful brides
8. Vacations
9. Roses in bloom
10. BBQs with family
And the list goes on and on and on…
Why do YOU heart summer?

Why do you heart your DAD?

Fathers Day 2013 wrapped 001Do you love your Dad because he taught you to ride a bike? Or let you dance on his feet? Or taught you to love fishing or camping? There are as many reasons to love your Dad as there are Dads in the world. Every Dad is different and each one shows his love a little differently, but there are a few things they all have in common. They love you – their son or daughter – as much or more than they love themselves. Some Dads have a hard time showing it (and sometimes you may think they don’t even like you at all!), but I’m quite positive that their hearts of full of love for you. If you think back I’m sure you will remember lots of little ways that Dad showed you his love. So… reflect for a minute and remind yourself why you heart your DAD.

Send Dad a little love this Father’s Day with a trio of cookies spelling out “I Heart DAD”. Only $8 each from the Sweet on Hearts Etsy Shop and arrives in a see-through box, tied with a satin ribbon and gift tag.

I Heart DAD cookie trio

Show the special men in your life you love them this Father’s Day with a trio of cookies spelling out “I Heart Dad”.

Each order contains a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie bar, a chewy, soft brownie heart, and a melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookie with buttercream frosting. This trio of cookies arrives in a see through box tied with a blue ribbon and gift tag – ready to gift!

Each trio measures approximately 3″ by 8″ and is only $8!

Visit to order!


Mother’s Heart

Mothers Day cookies 2013 053For me, Mother’s Day isn’t just about my amazing mother, but it’s about all the people in my life with a “mother’s heart.” You know the type, a person who is quick to love and support you and help you in any way they can. Oprah Winfrey says “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother” and I completely agree.

Think of all the people in your life that love you… Whether male or female, I bet they have in common a “mother’s heart” and show you they love you through their words and actions.  The probably teach you what they can, reach out to you with kindness, support you in your dreams, believe in what you’re trying to become, and love you unconditionally.

So this Mother’s Day I encourage you to take some time to really show your Mom and all the people in your life with a “mother’s heart” how much you love them.  Maybe it’s as simple as writing a personal note in a card. Maybe you go out to a favorite restaurant or better yet, cook a home-made meal. Maybe you surprise them with a favorite book or item they’ll really love. Or maybe, just maybe, some alone time together that doesn’t cost a thing would mean the most. Whatever you choose to do this year, let it be done with lots of heart and love.

Hearts and Posies for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day cookies 2013 023 Mothers Day cookies 2013 053In celebration of Mother’s Day, Sweet on Hearts is proud to present these limited edition heart-shaped sugar cookies hand-frosted with buttercream in three shades of rosy pink and decorated with mini posies.

Each order comes with nine (9) melt in your mouth sugar cookies individually wrapped, sealed and delivered in a white box with tissue paper.

Order yours by May 4 for delivery by Mother’s Day. Orders may be placed via Etsy, Email, Facebook, Text, Phone, or in person.

 For more information please visit the Sweet on Hearts Etsy shop.